Yusuf Khalil

2015-12-15 05:35:16

Extend space in Windows VPS

Extend the filesystem in Disk Management. To extend the space you would need to login as the administrator, load the mmc, select disk management, and then extend the partition you'd like to fill ..

   Yusuf Khalil

2015-09-10 06:44:39

Vufind Install on Debian

If not exists Apache Server install Apache sudo apt-get -y install apache2 sudo a2enmod rewrite sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload If not exists MYSQL Server install Apache sudo apt-get -y ins ..

   Yusuf Khalil

2015-09-09 04:36:06

Change Mysql root Password Command Line

First Login Mysql Server old password 1. mysql -u root -p Then Enter mysql old Password Select database mysql 2. use mysql; Update new Password 3. update user set password=PASSWORD('your_new_pass ..

   Yusuf Khalil

2015-08-19 09:07:22

Microsoft Outlook Setup cPanel Email Accounts

Here is step by step procedure setup cpanel email accounts in microsoft outlook clients 1. At first login your webmail and goto Configure Mail Client Get Configuration of SSL or Non-SSL    ..

   Yusuf Khalil

2015-08-11 10:14:08

Dspace install on Debian 7 (Step by Step)

Add following URL to /etc/apt/sources.list deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian wheezy main contrib non-freedeb-src http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian wheezy main contrib non-free Run Foollowing Commands ..

   Yusuf Khalil

2015-08-11 09:20:01

Koha Install on Debian 7 ( Step by Step)

First You should confirm dependency of KOHA.  Source URL has been listed in below deb http://security.debian.org/ wheezy/updates main contrib deb-src http://security.debian.org/ wheezy/updates m ..

   Yusuf Khalil

2015-06-12 06:34:39

Compare SSD VPS between Linode Vs VPSOcean

Here is SSD VPS comparison between  Linode and VPSOcean SL Linode VPSOcean 01 RAM 1GB CPU 1 Core Storage 24 GB SSD Transfer 2 TB Price $10/month RAM 1GB CPU 1 Core Sto ..

   Yusuf Khalil

2015-06-06 07:41:40

GUI Install in Ubuntu VPS Server - VPSOcean

1. Uninstall and remove all unnecessary services:  root@server:~# apt-get purge apache2* bind9* samba*     Update existing packages: root@server:~# apt-get update     ..

   Yusuf Khalil

2015-06-01 14:56:29

Compare VPS between Hostgator Vs VPSOcean

VPSOcean offer always offer low cost than other company. Here we compare between Hostgator Vs VPSOcean VPS price and configuration with cpanel managed. SL Hostgator VPSOCean 01 512 MB RAM 25GB S ..

   Yusuf Khalil

2015-05-31 17:31:54

Compare VPS Server between Godaddy Vs VPSOcean

For managed VPS Server with cPanel we compare between Godaddy and  VPSOcean. Comparing Topics Price and Configuration. SL Godaddy VPSOcean 01 1GB RAM Storgae 40GB 1TB Bandwidth cPanel Price ..

   Yusuf Khalil

2015-05-31 16:44:13

Compare SSD VPS between Digitalocean Vs VPSOcean

Here we place comparing of SSD from Digitalocean Vs VPSOcean. Comparing on Price ang Configuration SL Digitalocean VPSOcean 01 512MB RAM 20GB SSD 1TB Bandiwdth Price $5/month 512MB RAM 25GB SS ..

   Yusuf Khalil

2015-05-31 16:21:57

How to Manage my Dedicated Server

You can manage dedicated server by IPMI control. IPMI inofrmation has been sent your email when you order dedicated server. Each order or each dedicated server has different IPMI Control. You must hav ..

   Yusuf Khalil

2015-05-31 06:44:40

How to Restart, Power OFF and Power ON of VPS

For restarting your VPS or Power OFF or Power ON  you need to login in Managing Server   Here is Three image button one is Power OFF, Power ON and Reboot. Second Row has Format & Reload ..

   Yusuf Khalil

2015-05-28 09:19:00

Welcome | VPSOcean

VPSocean is larger server provider of USA server location. ..

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