This is a domain validation SSL product which means that you will need to send business documents in order to validate the domain. You will then be able to secure your domain and sub-domains with just the one certificate. It has 128/256-bit protection and has trust from 99% of browsers. It is a cheaper solution than buying multiple certificates.

Each UCC SSL provides 128/256 bit encryption with trust from 99% browsers. It is great economical solution to save money securing all your domains with one SSL Certificate. These certificates secure website and eCommerce sites so that security procedures are protected from hackers who could potentially cause big problems. They provide a selection of services:

Compliance and Scanning Services – this is a PCI Security Standards Council approved scanning service that checks for any vulnerabilities in the system and reports back. A Comodo trust mark on your website will show that your site is regularly checked using this scanning process. Digital Certificates – A yellow padlock or green address bar will alert customers to the fact that they are on a safe site. A site that encrypts information that is sent so that data is protected.

Subject Alternative Name (SAN) SSL Certificates
SAN SSL certificates are Subject Alternative Name and they can also be called Unified Communication Certificates (UCC). These were developed for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office Communications Server products. It is possible to secure domain names or common names with just the one certificate. This applies to external domain names and internal network names.

Domain Validation SSL Certificate
A domain validation SSL certificate is available for all individuals and businesses. There is no paperwork involved; you just have to provide validation by email. You be sent an automatic message that you will have to respond to in order to be sent the certificate. It happens extremely quickly and there are not even call backs necessary in order to get it.

Supported Devices by Comodo Certificates
Browser and devices compatibility is the most important part of SSL usage. Comodo SSL Certificates are supported by 99,9+ browsers and devices.

  • Validation: Domain
  • Free Reissues: Yes
  • Installation Checker: Yes
  • Free Site Seal: No
  • Browser compatibility: 99.3%
  • Free unlimited server licensing
  • Green Address bar: No
  • Issuance time: 3-4 minute
  • Secure sub-domains: Yes
  • SAN option enabled for current SSL
  • Can be installed on different IP’s
  • Update SAN names anytime
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